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My name is Kathy Lane and I am one of the founders of DieSmart. I am also a mother, wife, grandmother and, until my mother died last year at the age of 95, a caretaker. And I thought I was retired.

My partner and I are not attorneys; not doctors; not grief counselors. We are people who have started and managed businesses, raised families and nurtured friends. We became caretakers for our aging parents, and then acted as executors of their estate.

We found it hard to believe that educated people like ourselves did not understand the paperwork or the legal and financial aspects of dying. We realized that no one teaches someone how to die smart in school. Or explain why a lack of knowing or doing means someone pays later.

We discovered that dying is not just an emotional event in life, but a major financial one as well. An event where "dying dumb" can cost 4 to 8% of your net worth and, if long term care is involved, perhaps all of it.

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