Funeral Agent Authorization North Carolina

Form Name
You can name a funeral agent and give that person the right to make decisions about the disposition of your body and participation in the organ and tisssue donation program in four ways:
(1)A Health Care Power of Attorney
(2)Your will
(3) A preneed funeral contract
(4) Other written document
Where do you get the form
There is no special form.
Default state preference funeral agent
(1) Surviving spouse
(2) Majority of surviving children who are at least 18 years of age and can be located after reasonable efforts
(3) Surviving parents
(4) Majority of surviving siblings who are at least 18 years of age and can be located after reasonable efforts
(5) A majority of the people in the classes of the next degrees of kinship, in descending order who, under state law, would inherit the decedent’s estate of the decedent died intestate
(6) A person who has exhibited special care and concern for the decedent and is willing and able to make decisions about cremation and disposition
Revoking a Funeral agent
If you change your mind about your funeral agent, complete a new health care power of attorney form or other written document.
A photocopy of your health care power of attorney form is considered an authentic document.
Special Notes
If you include this information in a health care power of attorney form, make sure it includes a place for you to designate a funeral agent. If not, insert language identifying your funeral agent and granting him or her the right to decide how to dispose of your body and where to bury your remains.
If your health care power of attorney document was prepared before 2007, prepare a new document.
Kathy action
Check if the HCPOA forms include a place to designate a funeral agent in the review guide information.

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