Digital Assets Go Daddy

Who should be notified?
Send an email to Go Daddy’s domain services department:
Who can notify them? What documents are needed?
Whoever has the authority to settle the deceased’s estate can notify them and cancel a Go Daddy account. Whoever notifies them will need to fill out a request for change of account form that can be found on their site at Complete and send it to Go Daddy along with a copy of the death certificate and proof that he or she has the authority to complete and sign the form.
If no password, can survivor receive one? How?
The person requesting the password must provide proof of their authority. A new password will not be issued but he or she will be allowed to initiate a change of account and will be told how to move the domain to a new account. If accounts are linked, they can be recovered by a special request to the development department. The accounts are not automatically moved or changed.
Process for inactive accounts?
Go Daddy is focused on the domain name. When that name expires, everything disappears.