Digital Assets Hotmail

Who should be notified?
Send a fax to 650-693-7061 at Microsoft.
Who can notify them? What documents are needed?
Next of kin has the right to notify them. This person needs to supply a photocopy of the death certificate; paperwork stating that the next of kin is a benefactor to the deceased’s estate; a photocopy of their driver’s license; a document with the account name; the first and last name on the account; date of birth of the account holder; their city, state zip code; the approximate date of account creation and approximate last date of sign in by the deceased.
If no password, can survivor receive one? How?
The next of kin cannot get the password. However, Microsoft policy allows the next of kin to gain access to the content of the account (burned onto media such as a CD) upon proving their relationship.
Process for inactive accounts?
If a customer doesn’t sign in for 120 days, all messages are deleted and inbound mail is refused. If a customer doesn’t sign into any part of the Windows Live network during this period, that ID and Messenger contact lists will be deleted.