Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Indiana

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Out of Hospital Do Not Resuscitate Declaration

Where do you get the form

You should get the form from your physician or other medical professional.  If you would like a blank form, click here.

 Who is permitted to request a DNR

You can request a DNR if you have a terminal condition or a medical condition such that if you were to suffer a heart attack, resuscitation would be unsuccessful or within a short period of time you would suffer a repeated heart failure.

 Who signs the form

The patient or his healthcare proxy, the patient’s physician and two witnesses must sign the form.

How do you obtain a DNR  bracelet

You can purchase one through MedicAlert or other sellers of the same type of bracelet.

 Revoking a DNR

The patient may revoke the DNR with a signed, dated writing, or by physical cancellation or destruction by the patient.

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Special notes

Order a Vial of Life decal for your front door.  The decal informs an Emergency Medical Services team that a DNR has been prepared and can be found in your refrigerator.