Funeral Agent Authorization California

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(1) Directions can be included in a will or other written document. (2) Directions must be written to clearly and completely state the final wishes of the decedent in enough detail to preclude any material ambiguity about those instructions. (3) Arrangements for payment through trusts, insurance, commitments by others have been made to preclude the payment of any funds by the survivors who might otherwise keep the right to control the disposition. If payment has not been set aside, wishes will be followed only to the extent that the deceased had enough funds to do so.
Default state preference funeral agent
(1) An agent under a power of attorney for health care who has been given the right and duty of disposition (2) Surviving spouse (3) Majority of surviving competent adult children of the decedent (4) Surviving competent parent or parents (5) Majority of surviving competent adult siblings (6) Surviving competent person or persons in the next degrees of kinship
Revoking a Funeral agent
Can be done by writing a new document that supersedes the original. If an agent is named in a will, the will must be rewritten.
State link
California Health and Safety Code 7100.1 personal preference law

California Health and Safety Code 7100, designated agent law

Special Notes
Be sure to document the wishes you want your agent to follow.