Funeral Agent Authorization Illinois

Form Name
Appointment of Agent To Control Disposition of Remains
Where do you get the form
You can access the information about what should be included in the document at the State of Illinois website. See the link below. There is no actual form.
Who signs the form
You, the author, must sign the document in the presence of a notary pubic who will notorize it. The agent and successor agent must also sign it.
Default state preference funeral agent
(1) The person designated in a written instrument

(2) Any person serving as executor or legal representative of the decedent’s estate and acting according to the decedent’s written instructions contained in the decedent’s will

(3) The individual who was the spouse of the decedent at the time of the decedent’s death

(4) The sole surviving adult child or, if there is more than one surviving competent adult child, the majority of the surviving adult children; however, less than one-half of the surviving adult children shall be vested with the rights and duties if they have used reasonable efforts to notify all other survivig adult children and are not aware of any opposition

(5) The surviving competent parents of the decedent

(6) The surviving competent adult person or person in the next degree of kinship or, if there is more than one surviving of the same degree of kinship, the majority of those persons; less than the majority of surviving cocompetent adult persons if these persons have used reasonable efforts to notify all other surviving competent adults of their actions

(7) In the case of indigents, a public administrator, coroner, state appointed guardian, or any other public official charged with arranging the final disposition of the decedent

(8) In the case of individuals who have donated their bodies to science, or whose death occurred in a nursing home or other private institution, who have executed cremation authorization forms and the institution is charged with making arrangements for the final disposition of the decedent, a representative of the institution

(9) Any other person or organization that is willing to assume legal and financial responsibility.

Revoking a Funeral agent
If you want to revoke your funeral agent, or change your mind about your funeral wishes, complete a new Appointment of Agent form. The form includes languages revoking any prior appoitment of a funeral agent.
A photocopy of the appointment form is considered to have the same meaning and effect as the original document.
State link
Illinois Statute, Chapter 755, Estates, Disposition of Remains Act
Special Notes
Some articles imply that this statute is in conflict with the Illinois Health Care Power of Attorney form. See an attorney for more information on how this statute impacts what role your health care agent has in deciding how to dispose of your body.