Medicaid Information Arizona

State name of program
Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCS)
Street address
801 E. Jefferson St., Phoenix, AZ 85034
Phone number
602-417-4000 Maricopa County
800-654-8713 Outside Maricopa County
State Medicaid link
Resource limits
AHCCS will not cover long term care if the applicant’s home equity exceeds $500,000 unless a spouse or other dependent relative lives in that home.
Income limits
1) QMB (Qualified Medicare Beneficiary) program – The monthly household income is $903 for an individual or $1,215 for a couple (as of 4/1/09).
2) Long term care – The monthly income limit is $2,022 per individual.
Special notes
Medicaid has very complex eligibility rules. Check with your local AHCCS office for specific details.