Medicaid Information Georgia

State name of program
Street address
Division of Family and Children Services – Constituent Services, 2 Peachtree St. NW, Suite 18-486, Atlanta, GA 303030
Mailing address
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Resource limits
The home equity limit beyond which an individual will not be eligible for Medicaid is $500,000.  However, the house may be kept with no equity limit if the Medicaid applicant’s spouse or another dependent relative lives there.  In addition, an individual can have $4,000 in additional resources, i.e. a car or jewelry and a coupld can have $6,000.
Income limits
The monthly income limit for a single aged, blind or disabled person is $923 and for a couple is $1,235 (eff. 2/1/09).
Special notes
Medicaid rules are very complex; you should check with your nearest Georgia Medicaid office for detailed information.