Medicaid Information Ohio

State name of program
Street address
Bureau of Managed Health Care, 50 W. Town St., Columbus, OH 43215
Mailing address
Bureau of Managed Health Care, P.O. Box 182709, Columbus, OH 43218-2709
Phone number
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Resource limits
1) The state will not cover long term care for people with home equity in excess of $500,000 unless a spouse or minor or disabled or blind child is living in the home.
2) The monthly resource allowance is $1500 per individual and $2250 per couple.
Income limits
1) For 2009, the monthly Medicaid eligibility income limit for older adults and people with disabilities is $589 per person or $1,011 per couple.
2) The Other link provided takes you to a table showing all of the Ohio Medicaid eligibility guidelines.
Special notes
Medicaid rules are very complex; you should check with your nearest Ohio Bureau of Managed Health Care office for detailed information.