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Caregiver. Someone taking care of a parent or spouse who is unable to manage their financial or health care affairs. and Long Term Care

The Health and Human Service Department has announced the launch of on Facebook.

If you visit, you will find several tools that can help consumers make educated choices about their medical care.

One of the tools is titled “Nursing Home Compare”.     It provides a list of U.S. nursing homes which includes demographics (location and type of facility) and nursing home ratings, which include health inspection reports, staffing data and quality measures.

Another tool is called “Home Health Compare”.   The Home Health Compare tool can help you compare the quality of care that home healthcare agencies provides.

If someone you know needs help with long term care,  this information may be very useful.

This is also a go to site if you want to find more facts about ObamaCare.

You can join on Facebook at

Why doesn’t death cancel a subscription?

If you have an elderly or incapacitated relative who would like a new service or subscription, be sure to put it in their name, NOT yours. Request “user” access so you can pay the bills but don’t put the account(s) in your name. If you do, you may be sorry.A recent AARP magazine article told a story about a man who had moved into an assisted living facility. His niece’s husband ordered Dish Network for him. Shortly thereafter he died but the contract lived on. If it had been in the name of the deceased, it could have been canceled. Most companies that sell subscriptions are willing to cancel them upon the death of the account holder. However, since the contract was in the name of a living person, Dish refused to cancel it. It was only through the efforts of an AARP advocate that the problem was finally resolved.

For more information on planning for old age go to

Vicki Iovine: Girlfriends’ Guide To Parenting Your Parents: They Are So Hard To Discipline

Vicki Iovine: Girlfriends’ Guide To Parenting Your Parents: They Are So Hard To Discipline.

I only have one parent left out of two biologicals and two in-laws and I cherish her, honestly, I do. But after this week, I’m dangerously close to taking up smoking…..