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Ohio has two versions of the DNR – “Do Not Resuscitate Comfort Care Order ” AND ” Do Not Resuscitate Comfort Care Order-Arrest Order”.  The difference relates to the amount and timing of care given.  Ask your medical professional for an explanation.

Where do you get the form

A physician, a certified nurse practitioner or a clinical nurse specialist can provide the form or you can get it here:
Who signs the form
The physician, certified nurse practitioner or clinical nurse specialist and the patient sign the DNR order.

Who can request a DNR

Any adult can request one.

Patient Identification
A wallet card, an EMR hospital bracelet or the completed form can be used by EMS personnel.
How do you obtain a DNR bracelet
The state of Ohio does not endorse a specific vendor but supplies a list of suggestions on their site.
Revoking a DNR
You may revoke the DNR at any time, either orally or in writing. You may also revoke the DNR by destroying the DNR form, wallet card or DNR bracelet.
A photocopy is recognized as an authentic DNR form.
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DNR Bracelet links
DNR bracelets may be obtained from most companies that sell medical identification bracelets, provided they have a copy of your Ohio DNR form on file. Here is a link to the list on the Ohio state website:
Special Notes:
Order a Vial of Life decal for your front door. The decal informs Emergency Medical Services team a DNR has been prepared and can be found in your refrigerator.Ohio has two types of DNR forms. In addition, your Living Will may include some DNR language. Discuss these options with your physician or attorney and select the one appropriate for your intentions.

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