Dying Intestate Kansas

Married with no children
All decedent’s property will go to the surviving spouse.
Married with child or children
If the decedent leaves a spouse and children, or issue of a previously deceased child or children, one half of the estate will go to the surviving spouse.
Order of estate distribution if spouse survives
1) spouse
2) children or issue of a previously deceased child
No spouse survives (or the deceased was single) but there are other relatives
1) surviving children and the living issue, if any, of a previously deceased child.
3) surviving parent(s) of the decedent
3) heirs of the parents (excluding their respective spouses)
No property can pass except by lineal descent to a person further removed from the decedent than the sixth degree. Each generation in the ascending or descending line should be counted as one degree.

No surviving relatives
The estate will pass to the state of Kansas.
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Special notes
The information about dying intestate is found in the Kansas laws in Chapter 59 (Probate code), Article 5, Statutes 501-514.

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  1. Margaret M Collins

    My Mother had a will in another state. She has lived in Kansas less then a year…Can her out of state Will be probated in Kansas????

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