Dying Intestate Michigan

Married with no children
The surviving spouse gets the entire intestate estate if there is no living child or parent of the deceased.
Married with child or children
The spouse receives:
1) the first $150,000 plus one half of any intestate estate balance if at least one of the decedent’s surviving descendants is also a descendant of the surviving spouse
2) the first $150,000 plus three quarters of any balance of the intestate estate if no descendant of the deceased survives the decedent, but a parent of the decedent survives him or her
3) the first $100,000 plus one half of the estate balance if none of the surviving descendants are descendants of the surviving spouse
Order of estate distribution if spouse survives
1) spouse
2) decedent’s descendants
3) decedent’s surviving parent(s)
4) descendant’s of the decedent’s parents
5) grandparents or descendants of grandparents – one half of the estate to the decedent’s paternal grandparents and the other half to the decedent’s maternal grandparents. If all are deceased, the estate passes to their descendants.
6) decedent’s other relatives.
No spouse survives but there are other relatives
The estate is distributed in the following order:
1) children
2) parent(s)
3) descendants of the decedent’s parents
4) grandparents or descendants of grandparents
Single person/ widow or widower
follows the same order as above – no spouse survives but there are other relatives
No surviving relatives
The estate passes to the state of Michigan.
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Special notes
A relative of half blood inherits in the same manner as if he or she were of whole blood.

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  1. Tom Ochodnicky

    My decesed ex wife cousin died without a will He has no children and only one aunt left He died with alot of money close to one million dollars I writting to find out if my children will be able to inherit any of the money The only aunt left is my ex wife’s mother all her mothers brothers and sisters are gone! my exwife has only one brother still alive, who will get the money?

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