Funeral Agent Authorization Michigan

Form Name
There are no forms or statutes allowing you to designate a funeral agent. You can specify your wishes in your will. However, under Michigan law, authorization of funeral arrangements can be made only by the next-of-kin.
The only exception to this is if you arranged for your body to be donated to medical science after your death, in which case, your wishes must be respected.
Where do you get the form
There is no method of designating a funeral agent in the state of Michigan.
Who signs the form
Not applicable in Michigan.
Default state preference funeral agent
Next-of-kin are determined in the following order: Spouse; children; grandchildren; parents; siblings; nieces and nephews; grandparents; aunts and uncles; first cousins.
If there are several next-of-kin within the same degree of kinship (for instance, several children living) then most funeral directors will require that all the next-of-kin be in agreement.
Revoking a Funeral agent
Not applicable in Michigan.
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Special Notes
Even if you document your wishes, your next of kin can make different choices regarding the disposition of your body. If you put your wishes in your will, make sure your will is somewhere it will be found before it is too late!

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  1. Diane

    Regarding a funeral held in Michigan, of a person whose legal residence has been Florida:

    If estranged (still legally married) spouse wants to prevent the deceased spouse’s children from attending the funeral or designating pallbearers, can he do it?
    Can the deceased’s children deny admittance to children of the estranged spouse?


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