Funeral Agent Authorization New Jersey

Form Name
Will – The only place where you can make your wishes known is in your will.
Where do you get the form
You should probably see an attorney to prepare this document.
Who signs the form
The person who prepares the will as well as two witnesses.
Default state preference funeral agent
(1) Surviving spouse or domestic partner  (2) Majority of surviving adult children(3) Surviving parent or parents(4) Majority of brothers and sisters

(5) Other next of kin according to degree of consanguinity.

Revoking a Funeral agent
To revoke an agent, the will has to be amended.
Special Notes
New Jersey statute that was enacted in 2014 can be found in the NJ code at 45:27-22. 
Be sure to put your will in a place where it can quickly be located. If the only copy is in your safe deposit box, it may not be read before funeral plans are made by your family.