Probate North Carolina

Probate value
Net value (Fair Market Value less secured and unsecured debt).
Small Estate Affidavit
An executor, heir or creditor may file an Affidavit For Collection of Property of Decedent if the value of personal property, less liens, does not exceed $10,000 and no application is pending for the appointment of an estate representative. If a surviving spouse, the value may not exceed $20,000.Once the distribution of assets is done, an Affidavit of Collection must fe filed with the court.
Summary Administration
The surviving spouse of someone who died with or without a will may file an Order of Summary Administration of the surviving spouse is the only heir. If the sale of real property is necessary or desirable, a normal administration may be necessary.  The surviving spouse agrees to assume all of the debt of the deceased.
Surviving spouse procedure
See Summary Administration.
Ancillary Probate
Statutory Attorney Fees
Reasonable fees.
Statutory Executor Fees
Reasonable fees.
Probate Court Costs
Probate fees are 40¢ per $100.00 of property subject to court.  Costs of probate are limited by statute to $6,000.
Do It Yourself Support
An individual can complete probate forms and file the forms with the court.
Probate Statutes
Chapters 28, 31 and 47 of North Carolina General Statute.  Go to and search for these chapters.
Special Notes
Probate court is called the Probate Court.