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  1. Helene D. Fox

    I am involved in a nightmarish legal matter where my parents did everything right, yet are being robbed of their assets as I lose my inheritance. General and Health Durable Power of Attorneys, Family Trust, Wills all appointing me as sole beneficiary and as the only person they wish to control their lives and assets upon incapacitation and death have been ignored by the courts due to unethical attorneys, Trustees/Conservators because I was too naive to understand what a conservatorship entails and the power I already hold. My own attorney removed me as Trustee by withholding my accounting and responses to court investigator questions, silently provided me no defense all while I sat in another state believing his responses of “all went well” at hearings I was told were unnecessary to attend. Now my mother’s home has been sold at half value, I am indebted for paying my parents bills as Trustee and co-conservator in the amount of $167,000 while my attorney who I terminated in March 2011 continued filing petitions and legal documents unbeknownst to me through September 2011 and I cannot obtain representation in my defense even if anyone would after I was removed as Trustee, because I am broke while Trustees/conservators who succeeded me as ordered in by my own attorney pay him to defend their unethical behavior. this happens in the California courts and conservatorships must be antiquated. Does anyone know an attorney who is ethical and compassionate enough to take on my case and subsequent lawsuits against the people who have lied, cheated, and stolen over $150,000 from my inheritance I can no longer access. This may be a challenging case but so very rewarding and one that deserves media attention and worthy of multimillion dollar compensation to my mother and myself. Our historical family photos, heirlooms, million dollar home, vehicle I hold title to, childhood toys and my own personal belongings have been thrown and given away. I have 3 years of an education toward becoming an attorney and FAFSA loan that I can never use after being removed as a fiduciary. On March 20th, a judge may sign orders that will ruin my credit to my name in the amount of at least $167,000. My marriage of 27 years is irreparably broken due to the stress and my children think of me as pathetic because I cry all the time so I am alone, disinherited and alienated from my mother because I trusted the directions of the attorney I hired and because I followed my parents wishes. The new Trustee has not even asked how or where my mother wants her remains and he is so cruel he can give her a Jewish funeral when she is catholic and bury her when I have already purchased a niche with my father, grandparents, sister, and brother. How does this happen in America.

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