Pet cemeteries can now bury people…in NY

In 2011, the New York Division of Cemeteries ruled that human burials could not take place in pet cemeteries.  This left many people devastated because they wanted their ashes to be buried with their pets…but they couldn’t be.

According to Ed Marin, owner of the 117 year old Hartsdale Pet Cemetery in Westchester, NY, prior to the ban more than 700 people’s ashes had been interred at Hartsdale.  He said that he gets five or six requests per year for this service.

Now, New York state will once again allow animal lovers to be buried with their pets, if the cemeteries agree to two conditions:

1) They won’t charge a fee for the burial.

2) They won’t advertise human burial services.

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2 thoughts on “Pet cemeteries can now bury people…in NY

  1. Brian

    But what happens if you go first? I just had a client call me today to purchase a small life insurance policy on herself so that her dog would be protected if she passed away. Just something to consider, since it seems like we all forget about burial coverage for our four legged family members.

    1. Minna Vallentine

      Brian – Many people today are providing for their pets in their will or their trust and are allocating the funds necessary to cover their care as well as naming a custodian for them. I didn’t know you could name a pet as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy. Thanks for letting us know.

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