AOL – Will you be online forever?

AOL makes it easy for you to keep, access or cancel the account of a loved one. 

Any member of the deceased’s family can call AOL member services at 800-827-6364.  You will be asked for some information about the deceased and your relation to him or her.   Then they will send paperwork that needs to be filled out.  Once it has been completed and returned to AOL, it will be reviewed and the account will be updated to allow you to access it. 

If you do nothing and the account remains inactive for more than 90 days, the deceased’s screen name will be deactivated.  If it is a free email account, it will be cancelled after only 30 days of inactivity.  If the screen name is assigned to a fee-based service, someone must pay any amount owned on that account at the time it is cancelled.

To learn more about how to handle someone’s online accounts after they die, as well as to identify things you should do to protect the identity of that person, check out the book  “Grave Robbers…How to prevent identity theft of the deceased.”

2 thoughts on “AOL – Will you be online forever?

  1. Patricia Mickelson

    AOL will not let you access a deceased person emails. My brother passed away two months ago and I have called AOL twice about possibly accessing his account. Each time they tell me they will send me a letter but two months later I am still waiting. I don’t know why they just don’t tell me they will not help me rather than stringing me along. I wouldn’t get upset if they told me it was against their policy but instead they lie to me and that upsets me.

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