Yahoo – What happens to a deceased’s online account?

Any free Yahoo account will automatically be cancelled after it has been inactive for 90 days.  Premium services, however, will continue to be charged until Yahoo has been officially notified of the death of the account holder.

Only a person who has the authority to settle the deceased’s estate, i.e. an executor, can notify them about the death.  To do that, the following information must be sent to Yahoo at Custodian of Record, Yahoo Inc., 701 First Ave., Sunnyvale, CA 94089-1019:

1) The executor’s identification.

2) Notification of their appointment as executor.

3) A Copy of the death certificate.

What if the executor or family member just wants the deceased’s password or access to their Yahoo account?  No password will be issued by Yahoo to the executor or anyone else.

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One thought on “Yahoo – What happens to a deceased’s online account?

  1. Diane martin

    I am trying to close a pay pal account for my deceased husband ( I am the administrator). Cannot find his password. I am not going to jump thru hoops to do so. Just want it to go away. Sane e mail address if you would please reply. There is only $3 left in it. Donate ito charity

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